The first complete
 Sealed Delivery System™ for color and additives is clean, efficient, and easy to use.

Riverdale Global provides many color metering options to meet your process needs. Partnered with Maguire Products, Riverdale can offer custom solutions for color metering and multiple machine processes that would otherwise be unavailable.

Riverdale provides gravimetric metering for all liquid color customers. Gravimetric control is the only proven way to assure metering accuracy, reduce color usage and lower your cost of coloring. Volumetric metering systems often over-dispense expensive color. Losses are substantial. To provide the accuracy required, Riverdale provides, as standard, its proprietary, and patented gravimetric metering system, manufactured exclusively for Riverdale by Maguire Products.


The RGS provides the greatest amount of accuracy and control available, which can reduce color usage and lower costs. The RGS is easy to set up and use. Calibration is not required. Our gravimetric system makes automatic metering adjustments as needed. Color change is quick and easy. The RGS can use 5 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, or totes.


Every container delivered to your facility has its own pump, installed permanently in the drum or pail. The containers are sealed and never need to be opened. You can send back the empty containers through our Return For Refill program, which will save you money and help the environment. Pump-In-A-Drum (PIAD) is proven technology, in use by Riverdale for more than 10 years.


Each color has its own tube. To minimize color lost, delivery tubes are reusable, durable. and long lasting. Equipped with quick change connectors, color changes are easy and clean. Delivery tubes are sealed with shutoffs at both ends to eliminate dripping.


Custom made plates fit your machine to properly meter color into your process. Quick change connectors keep your color changes simple and clean. Now sealed to eliminate the dripping common with other designs.


The RGInfinity™ auto-refill system eliminates downtime for replacing drums when empty by refilling them from a large central container, or "tote." One central container can serve one machine or, if desired, be configured to refill multiple machines running the same color. Sealed connections throughout the system, from tote to delivery tubes to drums to metering tubes, keep liquid color completely sealed off from the workplace. Each drum is mounted on a Riverdale Gravimetric Stand (RGS), which monitors the weight of color in the drum and signals a pump valve on the tote when the drum is nearly empty and again when it is full. This prevents uncolored product.


Riverdale Global's proprietary web-based software, GlobalTracker™, provides our customers the ability to track orders, track color match status, manage inventory, and automate inventory replenishment from anywhere, anytime.

GlobalTracker's™ real-time usage data through automated tracking allows accountability and helps you make informed decisions with confidence as well as create efficiencies in your operations.