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Who We Are

Setting the standards since 1989.

Riverdale Global brings something truly new to the Plastics Industry - the opportunity to enjoy the economy of liquid color in a clean, sealed delivery system that adds value without adding costs. Our technologies enhance the quality and repeatability of liquid color, increase its costs advantages over concentrate, free you from every complication from handling liquids, and reduce your envirnomental impact. We offer the most economical and sustainable way to color plastics.

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The most sustainable way to color plastic.

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While the conventional method of manufacturing liquid color is simply to add pigments one at a time to a liquid carrier and then blend them, Riverdale Global disperses only one pigment in liquid, then mills this dispersion to maximize color strength, brightness, and uniformity. As a result, processors using colorants based on SPDs can achieve full color at lower let-down rates than with conventional liquids. The SPDs are produced at one location only and inventoried at Riverdale Global satellite locations, where they are blended to match customer specifications. Additives can be included in blends along with colorants. Because of this 'single-sourcing' of SPDs, multinational customers are supplied with precisely the same colors at multiple plant locations.

RGS is the first complete Sealed Delivery System™ for Color and Additives, designed exclusively for Riverdale Global by Maguire Products, to prevent the handling complications and workplace mess traditionally associated with liquid color. In this system, the pump is permanently installed inside a standard-size drum that stays sealed from any contact with the workplace or environment. During processing, color is precisely metered with automatic shutoffs preventing spillage and GlobalTacker™ monitoring software tracking inventory levels. Through Riverdale Global's "return for refill" sustainability program, the processor is credited for residual color in the container and avoids the problem of discarding it.

With the Global-Local™ business model, we set up facilities close to our customers. When we service customers through local satellites, the Global-Local™ model enables us to supply color for global products and support their processors' local communities by eliminating industrial waste. Our satellites serve customers within a narrow radius, providing fast, customized support, ready access in the event of emergencies, and the opportunity for customers to reduce inventories.

History and innovation

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Riverdale Color has supplied liquid color to the plastics industry for more than 50 years. Years of experiences, and our highly skilled staff are why Riverdale consistently out performs competitors in both color development and performance. Equipment is designed, manufactured, and supported by Maguire Products, exclusively for Riverdale Global. Maguire Products introduced the first successful peristaltic pump for metering liquid color in 1977 and has a reputation in the plastics industry is unmatched. Maguire's level of reliability, performance, quality and service is your assurance that your delivery system is the best available. We work closely with our sister companies and can play a role beyond liquid color to integrate solutions seamlessly for our customers. Let us know how we can help you.

Maguire Products

Intelligent Simplicity.

Maguire Products is the world's largest supplier of gravimetric blenders, liquid color pumps, and vacuum dryers and also manufactures loading systems, auger feeders, granulators and related equipment and software. Its customers include injection, blow, and rotational molders, extrusion processors, and compounders.


Drying & Conveying Reimagined.

Novatec is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry. The company combines Plastics Drying, Plastics Conveying and Plastics Blending with Downstream Extrusion Products to design and install complete Central Plastics Drying and Conveying Systems.

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