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Why Liquid Color


A ripple effect of positive change.

We Know Color

One goal. Greater sustainability for all.

Our Riverdale legacy dates back to the early 1900s as a supplier of dyes and industrial chemicals, and we first supplied liquid color to the plastic industry in 1966. This means 50 plus years of experience go into our engineered formulas for color and additives provided today. We aim to use less color, while achieving greater product sustainability!

Single Pigment Dispersions.

To achieve the highest quality colors, we blend our colors from pre-milled Single Pigment Dispersions (SPDs). Riverdale has made color this way for more than 30 years. We offer hundreds of pigments as well as multiple carrier systems, including natural carrier systems without petroleum.

Brighter Colors

Colors blended from SPDs are stronger, brighter, and assure consistent quality for better repeatability and performance.

Low Let-Down Rates

We disperse only one pigment in liquid, then mill this dispersion so customers can achieve full color at lower let-down rates.

World Wide Quality

SPDs are quality controlled to assure uniform blends worldwide. "Single Source" pigments ensure the identical color can be reproduced anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Liquid Color?

01. Sealed Gravimetric Dosing System

Riverdale Gravimetric System (RGS)

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No equipment investment required:

  • Sealed containers and delivery tubes - this eliminates the mess associated with liquid color
  • RGInfinity auto-refill system eliminates downtime, ensuring the primary container never runs empty
  • Tube sets do not wear and are provided by Riverdale Global at no cost
  • GlobalTracker™ provides precise inventory tracking and color usage
  • Self calibrating and much more accurate than volumetric systems

02. Return For Refill™

We provide a sustainable, Return for Refill™ service for empty containers. Color remaining in an "empty" container is returned to you with each refill, resulting in 100% color usage and an average color saving of $0.15 per pound of color used. Containers, liners and colorant no longer go to your local landfill, helping you achieve your goal of Zero Waste.
100% Color Used

Zero Waste, Zero Landfill.

Credit for Returned Material:

  • Simply place empty containers on designated skid to be picked up by Riverdale Global
  • Containers are weighed and refilled with the same color, credit issued for the color received back
  • No combining buckets at customer's facility - containers never need to be opened.

03. Faster color changeovers

Faster Color Changeovers

No Purge Needed.

Increased Productivity with Minimal Scrap:

  • Faster color changeovers when switching from other liquid color to Riverdale Global
  • Lower let downs mean less pigment introduced into the process
  • 100% injection coloring doses color both during screw recovery and injection for full color distribution
  • Eliminate the need for pre-mixers.

04. Sustainable Savings

Saving Money and the Planet

We Make Color Green.

Rippling Benefits of our Liquid Color:

  • Lower let downs than other liquid color suppliers can provide reduced coloring cost
  • Expert color matchers can provide formulation options to reduce cost
  • No equipment investment or tube set cost
  • Returnable containers eliminate labor required to combine buckets or wasted color going to the landfill
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Savings in Energy, Warehouse Space, and Transportation Costs

05. Additives for Every Application

GlobalPlus™ Additives

Enhance Product Performance.

Greater Energy Savings and Recyclability:

  • Full suite of liquid additives, which can be added into color formulations or dosed separately
  • From processing aids to light stabilizers, we carry an additive solution for any application
  • Liquid additives can be used as the carrier system, significantly reducing cost
  • Additives specifically designed for use with PCR allow processors to maximize PCR usage.

How we make, meter, and maintain color brings our customers all the savings and sustainability benefits of liquid in a clean, sealed delivery system that adds value without adding costs.

01. Make

Liquid color produces fully developed color with less pigment than concentrate. Final dispersion is more complete, achieving full color strength with less pigment (often 30% less than concentrate).

Less Weight

Liquid weighs less, which reduces transportation costs.

Energy Savings

Overall energy savings as high as 16% have been documented.

Plant Based

We offer a proprietary blend of natural carrier systems.

Minimize Waste

We make color in customer containers to minimize waste every step of the way.

02. Meter

Riverdale Gravimetric System (RGS)

Gravimetric Control.

Gravimetric control is the only proven way to assure metering accuracy, reduce color usage, and lower your cost of coloring.

Volumetric metering systems often over-dispense expensive color. Losses can be substantial. To ensure the accuracy required, Riverdale Global provides, as standard, its proprietary gravimetric metering system, manufactured exclusively for Riverdale by Maguire Products.

Patented, Proven Technology

Pump In A Drum®.

Pump In A Drum® technology limits air pressure so the tube will not blow off as it would with a peristaltic pump.

All components remain sealed and clean. Customers and environmental debris never touch the color. There is no need to own or maintain pumps, which saves capital equipment and maintenance costs.

03. Maintain


Real time data at your fingertips.

GlobalTrackerTM provides real-time data to track color matches, orders, and material usage with full accountability and traceability of every component. Our system eliminates waste with precise inventory tracking.

Local satellites provide support for color matching, emergencies, and frequent deliveries to keep proper inventory levels.

We solve problems.

+GlobalPlus™ Additives are provided in liquid form, which economically adds performance, protection and sustainability to your product.


Full suite of liquid additives, which can be added into color formulations or dosed separately.


Liquid additives can be used as carrier systems significantly reducing cost


Additives specifically designed for use with PCR allows processors to maximize PCR usage

Here's the solution.

Riverdale Global offers a complete color system. We offer a distinctive advantage taking the best of machinery and raw materials to provide a complete color system locally for plastic processors.


We start with exact formulations of liquid color and additives using the highest quality components:

  • Heat stable
  • Light stable


We couple this approach with the most advanced and accurate delivery equipment in the industry for:

  • Cleanliness
  • Functionality
  • Efficiency
  • FDA compliant
  • Heavy metal free pigments


Our locations close to your plant provide you:

  • Local deliver
  • Local service
  • Local support

The ripple of change.

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